I build log cabins. Beautiful, eco-friendly log cabins, built the best way. I’ve been building log buildings for 37 years, everything from cabins to castles. I’ve decided from now on, I’m just going to build cabins. Small, handcrafted homes made from logs I’ve cut myself, employing shrink-fit saddle notches, proven over time to be the most efficient notch available.

If you’ve come here seeking someone to build you a log cabin, I likely don’t have to tell you about all the benefits of these beautiful homes. You’ll already know that they’re naturally soundproofed and that the R-value far exceeds fibreglas. Wood insulates exponentially and has thermal mass, so once your home is warm, it holds its heat. And when the summer sun beats down, it stays cool inside.

This web site is set up to answer your most pressing questions, like what to build, when it can be done, how much it will cost. So look around, read the information here, make a list of additional questions you might have. Then, send me a message describing what you’d like, where you’d like it and when. The sooner we start, the sooner you’ll be sitting back in a quiet spot, surrounded by beautiful, warm, restful wood.